Ingredients kit

Zelf bier brouwen begint met een ingrediënten pakket van biedt een breed scala aan versg samengestelde bierbrouw pakketten aan, waarmee je gemakkelijk thuis zelf bier kunt brouwen.

Brew your own beer with a ingredient kit from offers a wide range of beer brewing kits that allow you to easily brew beer at home. With our beer brewing kits, you can effortlessly brew beer in your own kitchen, whether you're using a Minibrew, Arsegan Easybrew, Brewmonk, Braumeister, or a regular brewing pot. Our beer brewing kits contain all the ingredients you need to get started right away. With our beer brewing kits, you can enjoy a fresh and delicious beer without leaving the comfort of your home.

What makes our beer brewing kits so special? Our kits exclusively contain real malt and no malt extract. This ensures an authentic and pure taste. Furthermore, all our malts are freshly crushed, ensuring you have fresh ingredients. Whether you have a large or small brewing kettle, our beer brewing kits come in all sizes and for all setups. Additionally, we provide proven recipes that guarantee you can serve a delicious homemade beer.

The advantages of a beer brewing kit from summarized:

  •  Real malt for real brewing. No malt extract or canned syrup.
  •  Freshly milled for a fresh taste in your beer.
  • Brew kits in all sizes, tailor made for your brewing kettle.
  • Proven recipes for a delicious homebrewed beer that you can proudly serve.

Order your entire recipe at once, including refills for your Brewmonkey, XENOS, or Hema beer brewing kit. Each kit comes with malt, hops, yeast, spices, and a concise manual. The ideal brewing kit for your homemade beer of choice.

Fresh beer brewing ingredients

At, quality is paramount. Therefore, we only provide fresh beer brewing ingredients of the highest quality. The different malts are weighed and crushed just before shipment. This ensures that you are acquiring fresh malt, hops, and yeast for a delicious homebrewed beer.

We help you with home beer brewing.

Our concise guide will assist you step by step through the brewing process, and if you still have trouble, you can always turn to us for personal advice and assistance.

Ingredient kit for your favorite beer type

At, you have a wide selection of different beer styles to choose from for your homebrewing kit. The Blond brewing kit, along with the Tripel, is one of the most popular homebrewing kits.

Beer Brewing Starter Kit

Do you need brewing equipment? Then take a look at a Beer brewing kit

Do you have your own recipe? Use our MaltMixer to order your custom grain bill.


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