MaltMixer Service

Your Grain Bill, weighed to your specification. Crushed or whole.

You order crushed malt through the Malt Mixer, your entire recipe precisely measured. Crushed or uncrushed. Ready to brew!
Ideal if your recipe contains many types of malt that you don't want to keep in stock, or if you only need small amounts of certain types.

Crushed Malt

We can crush your malt if desired. It's very easy, the crushed malt can go directly into the brewing kettle. This way, you don't have to deal with dust at home or make the expensive purchase of a grain mill.

For crushing your malt, we use a low-speed, industrial 3-roller mill. This ensures perfectly crushed malt for high efficiency and therefore tastier beer.

Attention, for each malt mixer order, the different malts will be crushed and packaged together. It is not possible to package the malts separately or divide the malt blend into multiple parts. For that, you can order multiple malt mixers.


Are you still unsure about your beer recipe? Then start with a complete Ingredients kit

Weight 5 kg

5 gram

Minimum bestelling

1 kilo

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